Artificial Turf Lawns Don’t Eat

Having a yard is one of the greatest things about owning a home. But did you know that owning a beautiful yard could be possible without having to use weed killers and bug replants? Natural yards are great and they allow you to do so much, but there is also artificial yards and they let you do so the same things you can with natural grass but with added bonuses.

Natural yards come with a lot of work and dedication. You have to mow them, you have to spray them down with weed killers and then refill the life in the grass with fertilizer. But that is not the case with artificial turf. Weeds don’t grow because the grass isn’t real and it doesn’t need fertilizer because the grass doesn’t die.

This grass is better than natural grass in many different ways. If it rains a lot in your area, don’t worry because the grass dries very quickly. The grass is also always green and very rarely does it actually need water. The water infill in the artificial turf is there to keep the grass light and soft.

Which is another thing that artificial grass does better than natural grass, it’s always soft. It’s a lot safer than regular grass if you have little kids because if they fall onto it, they won’t get hurt. It’s also impossible to get dirty when playing on this grass because there is no dirt involved with it.

If you are worried about it not being pet friendly, you can drop that fear because it is safe for children and pets. In fact, artificial turf is often put in dog parts and playgrounds specifically because it requires no work be done to it.

So say goodbye to all of your fertilizers and weed killers that keep your yard healthy and get yourself that amazing green grass all year around with artificial turf. Contact an Artificial Grass Supplier today and set your appointment.

Why people are painting their lawns in California

The recent environmentally devastating droughts in the beautiful state of California have made it increasingly difficult or nearly impossible for homeowners to maintain a pristine lawn. This poses a difficult situation for many as, throughout the state, it is common for homeowners associations to dictate that a lawn must be kept in good condition. Moreover, if a homeowner wants to keep their lawn green by watering it, it will cost them a lot of money. Currently in California, watering your lawn can cost you up to $500.00 a day! Therefore, it is no wonder that there are now several esthetically pleasing alternative options to having a lush, grassy front yard that landscaping companies are now offering. 

 One of the most sensible of these alternatives involves actually painting the grass on top of a lawn so that it appears more brilliant and lush. Landscaping companies who offer this service give clients the choice of several different shades of green so that your lawn will appear bright, perfect, lush and have the general appearance of natural grass. You can have your whole lawn painted or it can simply be used to cover up certain problem areas within a lawn. Furthermore, the paint is non-toxic and lasts a few weeks. It can also withstand extreme weather fluctuations. Painting lawns is also becoming an increasingly popular choice due to the cost-effectiveness and convenience of the maintenance. Artificial turf has also become a very popular alternative to grass lawns but is much more expensive than painting. Therefore, painting is also a great short term solution for those who are not in a position to afford turf. It is also a very environmentally friendly alternative to using scarce water during a drought. This gives the client a feeling that they are doing their part for the community that they live in and call home.

Green Grass all year long

AGR Turf is one of the hottest trendy products on the market. Fake grass has been around a while, however new ideas for its installation is taking hold across America. The many benefits of artificial turf are coming to light in big ways. It is not just for Football fields and Baseball Fields anymore. The newer design and manufacturing process make artificial turf very attractive to residential homeowners. Small to large businesses are also looking at and applying artificial turfs. Utilizing many of the money-saving features, and its low maintenance cost is a big bonus. Artificial turf has come a long way since its inception in 1966 at the Astrodome. 

 The long term benefits far out way any initial cost that comes with installation and maintenance. Just the benefit of not having to cut the grass every week is a fantastic bonus we all can appreciate. The neighbors will envy you as you get to relax on the weekends and enjoy your backyard oasis. The constant beautiful green lawn year-round will keep you smiling through the worst drought that will come your way. Climate change is having a drastic effect on some portions of the United States already, why not be ready. 

 Artificial Turf looks and feels almost natural. It is soft to the touch which makes it great for barefooting in the backyard. Pets especially love it as it is very gentle on their feet and pads. Have you ever wanted a putting green in your backyard? This is the stuff to use and enjoy. It is the best putting grass on the market. The artificial design also reduces the bugs and pests that can inhabit a traditional grass lawn. This makes for better summer evenings and less harm to your beloved pets. 

 Artificial Turf is the wave of the future as world water supplies diminish and the global climate continues to change. Be ahead of the game and install some eco-friendly artificial turf in your piece of the world. You will be amazed at the cost benefits and overall benefits of switching to artificial turf.

Putting Green Turf For Your Home

If you are an avid golfer, then you know that not everyone has a course readily available nearby. Often golfers are forced to take a weekend vacation some distance away from home in order to practice their putt. With the ease and affordability of artificial turf, however, there is no need to travel away from home any longer just to practice your putting game.

As the use of artificial grass installers near me have become a more popular idea, it has become more affordable for everyday homeowners to afford. Therefore, why not put your very own putting green right in your backyard! There are several advantages to having your very own putting green right in the backyard, aside from convenience. However, most people think that buying and installing their own green would be expensive and taking care of their own green is time consuming.

Both are simply not true. Maintaining artificial turf on a putting green, or anywhere for that matter, requires much less maintenance then a real grass surface. You never have to mow or trim it. There are never dead patches or unsightly bare spots. There is never mud to worry about tracking all over the place. Plus, you never have to water it to keep it green and looking beautiful.

While the initial cost can be daunting at first, it will equal out in the end. With the money you will save on the regular maintenance of a real lawn, combined with the value it brings your home and how long it will last, artificial grass installation pays for itself in just a few years’ time. However, it will last as long as 20-25 years before needing any type of replacement.

When it comes to constructing a putting turf in your yard, you get all of these benefits that can only be limited to your imagination. You can build any size or shape putting green that you want within the limits of your space. You can install water and sand traps if you want to. You can install inclines to practice your uphill and downhill strokes. If your backyard is small, you can install just a small putting green to practice your short game. The possibilities are endless and limited only by you and available space. Installing a putting green in the backyard made from artificial turf is easy, affordable and beneficial for the avid golfer.

Artificial Turf is the answer to a clean lawn

How much time and effort do you put into lawn care every week? How often does your yard stay clean and fresh after you put so many hours into making it look nice? If you are tired of putting so much hard work into lawn care you should consider getting artificial turf. Why? Because artificial turf is the most reliable lawn that you can have as it will never need you to go and perform maintenance on it after it is installed.

Think about how your yard looks in the day when it’s bright and sunny out. Now think about how it looks during and after a major rain storm comes through. There is so much dirt and mud and puddles of water standing in your yard that makes it look like a mess. But if you have artificial turf installed, there is no more dirt, no more mud, and no more puddles of water. That means no more mess.

Artificial turf is designed to soak up any water on the surface, so if it rains then the turf will automatically soak all of the water up and within an hour after the rain stops, your yard will be dry and ready for you to play on it. 

It’s also a carpet of grass that you place over the lawn that you currently have, this means that there is no dirt. It’s a synthetic plastic and rubber texture that can have water seep through but will never push out mud or dirt. 

You, your pets, your kids, and anyone in between can go play around in your lawn after a storm and not have to worry about getting wet or dirty. You can finally set up a summer party without having to worry about the weather coming in to ruin it. 

So what are you waiting for? No need to look for several Turf Liquidators. There is a lifestyle of clean grass in front of you, all that you have to do is contact Artificial Grass Liquidators and you can have the lawn you have always dreamed of with a lot less work.