Why people are painting their lawns in California

The recent environmentally devastating droughts in the beautiful state of California have made it increasingly difficult or nearly impossible for homeowners to maintain a pristine lawn. This poses a difficult situation for many as, throughout the state, it is common for homeowners associations to dictate that a lawn must be kept in good condition. Moreover, if a homeowner wants to keep their lawn green by watering it, it will cost them a lot of money. Currently in California, watering your lawn can cost you up to $500.00 a day! Therefore, it is no wonder that there are now several esthetically pleasing alternative options to having a lush, grassy front yard that landscaping companies are now offering. 

 One of the most sensible of these alternatives involves actually painting the grass on top of a lawn so that it appears more brilliant and lush. Landscaping companies who offer this service give clients the choice of several different shades of green so that your lawn will appear bright, perfect, lush and have the general appearance of natural grass. You can have your whole lawn painted or it can simply be used to cover up certain problem areas within a lawn. Furthermore, the paint is non-toxic and lasts a few weeks. It can also withstand extreme weather fluctuations. Painting lawns is also becoming an increasingly popular choice due to the cost-effectiveness and convenience of the maintenance. Artificial turf has also become a very popular alternative to grass lawns but is much more expensive than painting. Therefore, painting is also a great short term solution for those who are not in a position to afford turf. It is also a very environmentally friendly alternative to using scarce water during a drought. This gives the client a feeling that they are doing their part for the community that they live in and call home.