Green Grass all year long

AGR Turf is one of the hottest trendy products on the market. Fake grass has been around a while, however new ideas for its installation is taking hold across America. The many benefits of artificial turf are coming to light in big ways. It is not just for Football fields and Baseball Fields anymore. The newer design and manufacturing process make artificial turf very attractive to residential homeowners. Small to large businesses are also looking at and applying artificial turfs. Utilizing many of the money-saving features, and its low maintenance cost is a big bonus. Artificial turf has come a long way since its inception in 1966 at the Astrodome. 

 The long term benefits far out way any initial cost that comes with installation and maintenance. Just the benefit of not having to cut the grass every week is a fantastic bonus we all can appreciate. The neighbors will envy you as you get to relax on the weekends and enjoy your backyard oasis. The constant beautiful green lawn year-round will keep you smiling through the worst drought that will come your way. Climate change is having a drastic effect on some portions of the United States already, why not be ready. 

 Artificial Turf looks and feels almost natural. It is soft to the touch which makes it great for barefooting in the backyard. Pets especially love it as it is very gentle on their feet and pads. Have you ever wanted a putting green in your backyard? This is the stuff to use and enjoy. It is the best putting grass on the market. The artificial design also reduces the bugs and pests that can inhabit a traditional grass lawn. This makes for better summer evenings and less harm to your beloved pets. 

 Artificial Turf is the wave of the future as world water supplies diminish and the global climate continues to change. Be ahead of the game and install some eco-friendly artificial turf in your piece of the world. You will be amazed at the cost benefits and overall benefits of switching to artificial turf.